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BOX 3.0

LOHKO BOX Series is our original product line, that features compact soundproof space solutions. It features product sizes from the classic phone booth up to a 7-person conference room. The high-quality materials from glass and wall elements to acoustic panels are also easy to customize to suit any interiors. LOHKO BOX products guarantee the efficient use of square footage as it combines Scandinavian minimalism, functionality and smart technology.


LOHKO FLEX is our new product line that enables large spaces of up to 28 square meters. As the space scales, the smart electrics and the soundproofing systems expand accordingly. LOHKO FLEX has no floor structure so it’s agile, light and easy to assemble. The soundproofing is integrated in the perforated walls that are easy to clean and allow flexible attachment of any office accessories. With LOHKO FLEX, you can easily divide your open space into smarter and more efficient zones.

Timeless Design
For The
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We are passionate about Scandinavian Design. No matter the trend, we will always follow a minimalistic approach. Thus, our products can be used in all kind of spaces without the fear of them going out of style.

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