Founded in 1993, Toyota Baltic AS is the official importer of Toyota and Lexus vehicles that leads and coordinates the sale and marketing as well as activities concerning the secondary market of the aforementioned vehicles in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Simple And Functional Design

Toyota Baltic’s office is beautifully designed. However, important phone calls caused distractions in the open space. Taiga’s phone booths were chosen to reduce these distractions because of their simple, minimalistic design. Toyota Baltic’s HR and legal manager Anneli Kask describes the Lohko Phone Booth as having a warm, wooden feel to it, contrary to the other options on the market. Even though the booths weren’t part of the original office design, they were still a perfect fit to the space later on. This was ensured by the customisability of Taiga Concept’s products.


Popular Amongst Workers

According to Kask, the booths are regularly used for phone calls by workers. When the booths arrived it took some time before people got accustomed to them. However today, they are an important part of the well-functioning office and it is common for the booths to be occupied at all times during the workday.