Aker Bp

A project between four companies that are all determined to create a beautiful and an inspiring modern office can never go wrong. Through our Norwegian distributor Senab Eikeland, Taiga Concept got the honor to work together in collaboration with Magu Design to provide Aker BP with a gorgeous modern office that encourages well-being and productivity.


Astonishing Design

Magu Design did an amazing job in putting together a beautiful and functioning open office. The simple colors and the wooden surfaces create an attractive space with natural warmth. Even though modern office trends favour natural elements more and more, the design still consists of timeless pieces that will without a doubt appeal to any employee of Aker BP.

Photo: Arne Bru Haug

Functionality and well-being

For Aker, well-being at work is essential. In addition to the beautiful visual aspects of the office, the design also makes sure that the functionality meets the requirements of evolving modern work without compromising the well-being of workers. This is assured with Taiga’s products. Multiple Lohko Phone Booths and Lohko Box 5’s were installed to make the most out of the inspirational environment. Office Phone Booths ensure that calls don’t disturb other workers but also work as a personal space of uninterrupted productivity. The spacious Lohko Box 5’s on the other hand, can be use diversely for co-working or meetings between employees.

Photo: Arne Bru Haug