KPY Novapolis is a provider of modern business premises and services for conferences and meetings. Moving to new open office space, there was a need for solutions that would allow for more privacy. Furthermore, it was important to have a large space for internal ad hoc meetings. 

Modern Nature Inside a New Tower Building

there is movement between Novapolis’s offices, but employees also need to spend a lot of time talking on the phone. According to Sales Director Jukka Turunen, it was necessary to have separate on-hand spaces that would allow people to withdraw from the liveliness of the open office. As a result, two different-sized Taiga products came into consideration.

Possibility for Spontaneous Meetings

The goal was to create an office space with a diverse selection of different spaces. Equally important to having bookable meeting rooms, it was important for KPY Novapolis to create unrestricted and practical meeting rooms, available whenever. Particularly from a sales point of view, Taiga’s LOHKO BOX 1 phone booths were important in creating soundproof environments for salespeople to have their important phone calls.

”The phone booths were places closed to the sales team. In this way, a peaceful environment for phone calls would always be on hand”, Turunen describes.


In addition, a very spacious LOHKO BOX workspace was included for spontaneous meetings and video conferences. Standing out from the office with unique red-toned upholstery and natural wooden veneer, the large meeting room enables a comfortable space for multiple people. Thus, it’s popular amongst workers. On one hand, it can be used to get a break and withdraw by an individual worker. On the other hand, it can facilitate impromptu meetings for even a bigger team.

“In addition to the great soundproofing, It’s important to be able to adjust the features such as lights according to personal preference”

Smart & Practical Features

All products provided use Taiga Concept’s updated technology. Most importantly, it gives users more control through the integrated control panel. On manual mode, it allows the user to control lights and ventilation. Alternatively, on automatic mode, the booth adjusts itself according to the integrated CO2 sensor. All in all, the automatic mode has worked very well at KPY Novapolis. Not only that, but Turunen also values the features that allow for more control of the workspaces.

– In addition to the great soundproofing, I think it’s important to a be able to adjust the features such as lights according to everyone’s preference.