Taiga Concept is a family-driven company founded in 2015 in Kuopio Finland. It was established to improve working conditions in open offices by reducing distractions and boosting productivity. The creative workspace solutions are inspired by the inspirational and calm feeling that can be found in the Nordic forest.

The modular, fully customizable and ecological workspace solutions were designed for the needs of modern work. Taiga’s product portfolio consists of minimalistic and functional soundproof workspaces that can be customized for any office. The goal is to bring the positive aspects of nature to every workplace.

Taiga Concept is a globally recognized company with over 30 distributors around the world. In Asia/Pacific region we are partnered with Steelcase. Clients are mainly large and medium sized companies such as Microsoft, Zalando, Volvo, Murata, HSBC, YLE, Alibaba and Google India.


The Taiga product portfolio is designed to create zones where users can enjoy their privacy. The walls, both wood and glass, are specially designed to suppress the sound inside the product.


Eco-friendly products that are made of recycled and recyclable materials. Locally produced and made of M1 certified materials.


We have localized the product, manufacturing and supply chain for the requirements of our target markets. Our production is in Europe and Asia. 

Office Solutions

Offices come in many shapes and forms and our goal is to provide the perfect workspace solutions for everyone of them. Big projects with hundreds of workspaces or smaller
ones with just the one essential product, we are happy to improve working conditions and boost productivity in every workplace.

Taiga Concept Oy – LEAN production concept and development of ISO capabilities
to achieve competitiveness in the international markets and to secure a competitive advantage.

Southern Savonia’s Centre for Economic Development has granted Taiga Concept Oy funding for project development
in accordance with the project plan. The total amount of the grant is 216 980 euros.

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Reference image from Nordea Bank

Your Natural


You don’t have to travel far;
nature can be brought straight to your office.

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