Taiga Concept is a provider of soundproof space solutions from Finland. With a strong connection to Nature the product portfolio is inspired by the calm and relaxing feeling that can be found in a Nordic forest. Taiga’s minimalistic and functional soundproof workspaces can be customized for any office. The comprehensive product portfolio covers all office space needs: phone booths, personal workspaces, co-working spaces, conference rooms and ever larger modular solutions up to 28 square meters. This is possible with the innovative modular design of the products.

Taiga’s workspaces have been used to creates stunning office spaces around the world. Clients include companies of all sizes, and for example Microsoft, Zalando, KPMG, Alibaba and HSBC trust Taiga with their space needs.


We concentrate on making our products as good as possible, while preserving simplicity and high-quality. Customizable solutions, modern technology and continuous product research allows us to provide a competitive solution for all kinds of clients.


Taiga’s operations are guided by ecologically and cost-effectively implemented global, flexible, and customer-oriented scalable ordering, production, and delivery processes. 


The quality of our products is a top priority for us. We use materials that comply with the highest regulations available and invest in appropriate research and testing to make sure our products exceed up-to-date standards.


Our Story

Taiga’s story started as early as 2013, when co-founder and board member Tapani Laukkanen was leading a project on innovative inner surface materials at the Kuopio Academy of Design. At that time Taiga’s other co-founder and current Head of Design Pekka Eskelinen was studying interior architecture at the same institution. When in year 2015, Tapani and Pekka encountered for the second time, an idea of a company in the furniture industry was formed, and the journey of Taiga Concept began. After numerous projects and thorough stages of product development, a finalized product portfolio was complete. At the center of which, was timeless design and a strong connection to nature.

’’The starting point was Scandinavian simplicity and the desire to create a product portfolio which offers timeless design and space. The result was a refined and simple concept, drawn out of Nordic nature and its silence.
Like many Scandinavians, I experience the greatest sense of freedom when I am connected with nature. There isn’t a more relaxing environment than a snowcovered forest or a still lake in the summer time.
The connection to nature prevails in every design. That is what makes Taiga Concept so unique.’’
– Pekka Eskelinen, Head of Design

Taiga Concept story continues with a strong focus on timeless and functional design, connection to nature and well-being. By creating optimal workspaces that reduce distractions and stress, we can boost well-being and productivity at the office. With a strong focus on product development and a comprehensive portfolio, we can create a variety of work zones to support privacy and concentration as well as communication and collaboration. Not forgetting relaxation or even larger innovative space solutions. In the end, the driving force is to create the optimal functional surroundings that bring the positive aspects of Nature to the office. 

You don’t have to travel far; nature can be brought straight to your office.



to achieve competitiveness in the international markets and to secure a competitive advantage. Southern Savonia’s Centre for Economic Development has granted Taiga Concept Oy funding for project development in accordance with the project plan. The total amount of the grant is 216 980 euros.