Client Case


Nordea is the largest financial group in Nordic Region and one of the biggest banks in Europe. They serve customers altogether in 20 countries. Nordea offers multiple services from personal banking to corporate finance.

Need For a More Private Space

An ongoing change to an open office design created a special need for more private meeting spaces at Nordea’s office in Kuopio. Many times, confidential information is exchanged in conversations at the office. The solution to this problem was solved with Taiga Concept’s Lohko Box -workspaces. In addition to the exceptional soundproofing capabilities, the simple design was found to be a perfect fit for Nordea’s modern office.

Taiga Concept’s team put the booths together in two days. The assembly was quick and silent: No drilling, sawing or cutting. Normal office work could continue with minimal disturbance.

The workspaces were received with a warm welcome. The first candidates to try the booths were impressed with the soundproofing qualities and found it easier to concentrate on their work. The Lohko Boxes can be used for productive work, confidential conversations between co-workers as well as meetings with clients. 

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