Examples of Creative Office Design that Actually Work

Creative office design mostly focuses on aesthetics, but that doesn’t mean they it can’t be functional, too.

In today’s era of open office layouts, it’s becoming even more important for companies to get creative in designing a suitable work environment. Some employees love co-working, while others would prefer their own quiet corner. The diversity of your workforce only complicates this challenge, because you know it’s almost impossible to please everyone at the same time.

But these four creative office design ideas might make it easier to create mass appeal:

1. Avoid the One-Size-Fits-All Furniture

Your workforce is diverse, and your furniture should be, too. Switch up your office furniture so that every employee can use what works best for them.

Co-working spaces are a prime example of this, giving workers everything from cubicles to L-shaped desks to large work tables and everything in between. This way, employees can either work alongside someone or keep to themselves, whichever they prefer.

2. Give Each Room a Theme

Many companies are giving each of their work rooms a theme, and it’s nothing short of inspiring. For example, each of Shopify’s six floors has a different motif ranging from speakeasies to streetscapes. Google’s Zurich office has a room with faux ski gondolas complete with snowy floor and wall graphics. Mind Candy’s fairytale-like design includes a treehouse, gingerbread house, and astro turf carpeting.

Yes, it’s unusually and completely outside the box, but that’s one reason why people love going to work at these places. It’s fun and inspiring and actually makes you want to work.

3. Expand to the Outside

Most offices are confined by four walls, but they don’t have to be. Consider beefing up your outdoor space so that employees aren’t longing to enjoy the sunshine on nice days. Plus, they get a healthy dose of Vitamin D while they work.

Rooftop decks and gardens, courtyards, and patios with pergolas make excellent choices for extending your office space.

4. Encourage Movement Sitting has been touted as the new diabetes.

People are sitting more than ever, thanks to computers. You can change this by designing an office space that encourages movement. Things like standing desks and adjustable desks let workers choose their work height. You could also mark out walking trails on the floors to encourage employees to take walks during the day.

Bonus Tip: Unleash Creativity with Office Phone Booths!

One innovation that’s popping up in creative office designs are soundproof phone booths that give employees a brief escape. These phone booths allow employees to make or take calls in private without affecting office dynamics. Plus, they can be used as micro offices when you really need to concentrate and escape the open office floor plan.

Are you ready to upgrade your office? Check out our selection of office phone booths for an employee-friendly office space!

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