Finding Peace at Work:

4 Ways You Can Relax Even When Working Your Hardest

When things get stressful at work, how do you find comfort and relaxation?

Granted, you’re at work, not on a five-star vacation. But that doesn’t mean that your job has to feel like a struggle, either. You need to feel at peace enough to do a good job because stress will most certainly show up in the quality of your work.

When things are feeling hot at the office, here’s how you can keep your cool:

1. Start Your Day with Zen

A peaceful work day begins before you leave the house. Morning stresses tend to build, and once you start feeling their weight it’s almost impossible to unwind.

Create a morning routine that sets you up for success from the moment your feet hit the ground. Whether it’s a spa-style shower or morning stretches, you deserve to start every day on the right foot. This can help you keep a clear mind as you move through your day and make it harder for negativity to creep onto your radar.

2. Do Desk Yoga

Yoga has long been associated with relaxation, and there’s no rule about doing it at your desk. A few desk yoga stretches can do wonders to relieve achy muscles and regain focus and clarity.

If you’re not into yoga, find some other exercises you can do while sitting. You could also get an exercise ball chair or exercise equipment made for desks to encourage you to stay active.

3. Declutter Your Desk

There’s an old saying that a clean desk means you don’t have enough work to do. But clutter creates chaos, so force yourself to keep a neat and tidy workspace. Even if you have to stay late an extra five minutes each day to declutter, it can be worth it to come into a clean desk each day.

And once you organize your desk the way you want, make it a point to keep it free of clutter. You might consider adding a few elements that make you feel calm, such as a succulent or piece of artwork. But for the most part, opt for a clean slate so that you have enough room to work without feeling overcrowded.

4. Escape to an Office Phone Booth

Phone booths used to be on every street corner in the country, but they were eventually phased out and replaced with pay phone banks, and later cell phones. But the phone booth is making a big comeback in the most unlikely space: the office.

The office phone booth is a much-needed answer to stressed-out employees. Soundproof phone booths offer the perfect escape for when you need to make a phone call or want to get away from the chatter and distractions of your co-workers.

Are you looking to add a soundproof phone booth to your office? Reach out today to get a quote on how you can turn your office into a productive, stress-free zone.

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