Flexible Modern Office

People are different, however, too often offices are not. We tend to put workers in same working conditions without acknowledging the individual needs for workers. Some prefer a very silent workspace whereas some need constant interaction. That’s why a flexible modern office has something to meet every worker’s individual needs. 


Here’s a few examples of spaces that should be found in every modern office.

flexible modern office

1. Coworking Space

The office atmosphere is strongly determined by the interactions we have with our coworkers. Thus, it’s important to have a space where workers can have meetings, be it spontaneous or planned. A private space to exchange information between people is a must-have. 

2. Private Workstations

Usually, the normal day-to-day work is done in private. That’s why individual workstations are the most important spaces to consider when it comes to office design. The space should be quiet, comfortable and all distractions should be minimized. A private workstation doesn’t necessarily have to be assigned to every individual worker but the chance to go to a private booth or a room and be completely focused is very important.  

3. Open Spaces

It is increasingly common to find more open space in today’s offices. Although a fully open office is far from ideal, it’s still important to have a sense of space in the office. Large windows that bring natural light already help. At best, there would be a good combination of closed and open spaces. 

4. Conference Room

It goes without saying that meetings are an important part of the daily office life. Whether it’s a weekly team meeting or a client visiting, it’s important to have a closed space for this sort of event. Conference room should be designed so that there’s enough space for the office’s needs and presentation equipment. In addition, it’s also important to note that the airflow is adequate for all attendees.  

5. Rest Area

A healthy relationship between work and rest is necessary for any productive worker or workplace. Re-energizing and relaxing shouldn’t only be done during weekends or holidays. A place to unwind at the office will affect workers’ health in a positive way. It could be a more traditional brake room, or even a game and exercise room. Most importantly, it should take your mind off of work for a while so that afterwards you can dive back in with a new drive!

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