Istekki’s new office in Kuopio is an advanced office plan that offers something for everyone. The modern office project is a workspace by workers to workers and aims to create spaces that allow you to flexibly work or have meetings in the room of your choice.

Istekki is moving to new business premises in a brand-new tower building in Kuopio in the end of 2020. The theme of the office is Modern Nature. According to Istekki’s Premises Manager Anita Toivonen, the theme was decided by the personnel, who were involved in the whole office plan from the start. The Modern Nature theme is strongly visible in the design of the office

-The theme Modern Nature was chosen by Istekki’s personnel. It can be seen in pictures, prints and the products throughout the office, Toivonen says

There are 6 different floors, all with different nature themed names. For example, the floor called Meadow consists of workspaces named after flowers. Other floor themes include trees, berries, animals and hays. The themes can also be identified by the printed patterns on the glass walls or the nature-themed canvas prints.

A Modern Multi-Space Solution

Istekki’s office consists of modern multi-space solutions. Contrary to having their own private workroom, the space is divided so that employees can flexibly use all the workspaces in the office according to their need. The office has different zones for different kinds of work from silent private working booths to interactive open spaces.

-There’s something for all kinds of work needs. You don’t have to make a reservation, but simply choose the workspace that suits your need in that moment, Toivonen describes.

Natural Acoustics for a Natural Office

There are workspaces from phone booths and personal workstations to larger coworking spaces and conference rooms. One of the most important things was to get more of one to two-people working spaces for private work. This is why the office uses many different space solutions, including many of Taiga Concept’s Lohko Box products.

-The design of Taiga’s booths is very elegant. They were tested and found to suit the natural theme of the office, Toivonen says.

-They are perfect for quiet work, video calls and quick meetings.