Taiga Concept has customers on all continents from Asia Pacific to The US. Offices come in many shapes and forms and our goal is to provide the perfect workspace solutions for each of them. Big projects with hundreds of workspaces or smaller ones with just the one essential product, we are happy to improve working conditions and boost productivity in every workplace.


Aker Bp

A project between four companies that are all determined to create a beautiful and an inspiring modern office can never go wrong. Through our Norwegian distributor Senab Eikeland, Taiga Concept got the honor to work together in collaboration with Magu Design to provide Aker BP with a gorgeous modern office that encourages well-being and productivity.

Astonishing Design

Magu Design did an amazing job in putting together a beautiful and functioning open office. The simple colors and the wooden surfaces create an attractive space with natural warmth. Even though modern
office trends favour natural elements more and more, the design still consists of timeless pieces that will without a doubt appeal to any employee of Aker BP.



Founded in 1993, Toyota Baltic AS is the official
importer of Toyota and Lexus vehicles that leads and coordinates the sale and marketing as well as
activities concerning the secondary market of the aforementioned vehicles in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Simple And Functional Design

Toyota Baltic’s office is beautifully designed.
However, important phone calls caused
distractions in the open space. Taiga’s phone booths were chosen to reduce these distractions and because of their simple, minimalistic design. Toyota Baltic’s HR and legal manager Anneli Kask describes the Lohko Phone Booth as having a warm, wooden feel to it, contrary to the other options on the market. Even though the booths were not part of the original office design, they were still a perfect fit to the space later on. This was ensured by the customisability of Taiga Concept’s products.



Valtasampo is a company that manages and rents out properties. Their portfolio consist of many offices and business spaces.

Need For A Highly Customizable Workspace

Valtasampo aims to create an office that is specifically suitable for each client. As the landlord, they want to provide many possibilities for the tenants to make their ideal office a reality. According to Jonni Sinkkonen from Valtasampo, Taiga Concept’s Lohko Box workspaces got selected for their high
customizability, as they enable the possibility to fill the open office in the most efficient way.

‘‘With the many different business spaces that we have, it’s important that we have a workspace option that can be customized to suit that specific office both in size and appearance.’’ Sinkkonen says.

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