5 Tips for a Healthy Home Office

According to many recent studies, businesses around the world are in no hurry to get their employees back to the office. Therefore, Across a multiple range of industries, companies have implemented new work-from-home policies, including travel restrictions and video conferences. In the past months, we’ve learned that some workers thrive working from home, whereas some have difficulties to adapt. Scroll down and learn how you can adapt to the new situation and create your ideal home office design. 

5 tips for a healthy home office

Here’s our tips for a productive and a healthy home office.

1. Location:

Firstly, Like at the office, distractions might decrease your productivity. Therefore, try to find a quiet place with enough light. Think outside the box..or your house. For example, a balcony or a table outside might be the perfect solution! If you prefer a little hustle and bustle, pop in to the nearby cafe to get inspired. 


2. Fresh Air:

Fresh air is one of the most important things to get you through the workday with good energy. If you’re feeling tired, open the window and let some air in. It makes a big difference! 


3. Natural Elements:

Natural elements at the workplace are proven to reduce stress and increase productivity. If you find yourself working outside, you already got this covered. However in your normal indoor office, you can decorate with a houseplant, or likewise use wooden furniture, like we do! 


4. Ergonomics:

Uncluttered desk, enough space and a well supported chair will go a long way. First of all, your monitor should be slightly below your eye level. Secondly, your desk should be adjusted to elbow height. Adjustable table is ideal but not necessary. Get creative and create your standup desk with the materials on hand!


5. Design:

To sum up, think of your workstation as your personal design project. Create, innovate and most importantly enjoy the fact, that you finally have complete power over your personal work environment! 

Back to the Office?

Companies have stated, that social distancing will be the biggest challenge, when returning back to the office. Maintaining productive workspaces, while trying to keep workers safe and healthy might without a doubt turn out to be a problem. 

Our Lohko Box workspaces have always pursued to bring well-being and productivity to the modern office. Above all, we plan to keep providing well-being to workplaces also in the future. Private working booths provide the perfect combination of things that are needed to create the optimal workstation, from silence and fresh air to beautiful design with natural elements. As our product family is expanding this year with the easy-to-scale Lohko Flex, we are also going to introduce new technology that will combat the recent issues regarding general health and safety at the workplace. 

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