Lohko Phone Booth is a well-equipped product which activates itself when the user steps in. The product is sustainable -materials used in the product are environmental friendly and the electricity consumption is as low as possible. Lohko products are made to last.

-Northern Feel-

The Taiga product portfolio is designed to create zones where users can enjoy their privacy. The walls, both wood and glass, are specially designed to suppress the sound inside the product.

-Sound Difference Level Rw-

Our whole product range is soundproof up to 42dB.
The Booths have been tested by on external, authorized soundproofing professional.

Be Creative
Get Inspired

Nature has always been an environment of inspiration and relaxation. Nature also has countless positive effects on working efficiency. Taiga Concept products provide a touch of nature, helping to create a better working enviroment. We offer customisable and ecological solutions to the evolving world of creative work.

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Taiga Concept

Kellonkärki 12, 70460 KUOPIO FINLAND
Phone: +358 40 621 2555


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