1 m2 - 7 m2

LOHKO BOX Series is our original product line, that features compact soundproof space solutions.​


Control Panel

Use the automatic mode or control your workspace manually. Lights and ventilation are controllable through the control panel integrated in the product. In addition, the indicator light on the control panel will state the current CO2 levels, so that you will know when adjustments are required. 

Taiga Lohko Box 1 roof

Dimmable Lights

The light is integrated in the roof. A minimalistic LED strip that is focused on the workstation provides the optimal lighting for every workspace. Adjustable lights enable the user to choose a preferred level of brightness.

Taiga Lohko Box 1 roof2

Silent and Powerful Fan

The product is equipped with a powerful and a quiet ventilation system. Exhaust and intake function through the roof element. The ventilation technology guarantees enough airflow and comfortable settings even in the larger workspaces. 

Your Natural


You don’t have to travel far;
nature can be brought straight to your office.

Lohko box 3.0

LOHKO BOX 1 is a compact space for private phone calls and video conferences. It is the perfect piece of furniture to help reduce distractions and boost productivity in a noisy office.

Size: 1 m2
Power: 220V
Ventilation: 60 l/s
Weight: 320kg
Dimensions: W. 1100 mm  L. 1100 mm  H. 2200 

LOHKO BOX 2 is an ideal office booth for 1 or 2 people. It can be set up as a personal workstation or a small meeting room. It is the best space to do your best work with less distraction.

Size: 2,5 m2
Power: 220V
Ventilation: 70 l/s
Weight: 500kg

Dimensions: W. 2400 mm  L. 1200 mm  H. 2200 

LOHKO BOX 3 is the perfect workspace or a meeting room for 1 to 3 people. I can be used as a spacious workstation for one, a productive co-working space or a meeting room for private conversations.

Size: 3,5 m2
Power: 220V
Ventilation: 70 l/s
Weight: 640kg

Dimensions: W. 2400 mm  L. 1600 mm  H. 2200 

LOHKO BOX 5 is a medium sized workspace for up to 5 people. It is the ideal place for small teams to brain storm and work on projects in a comfortable soundproof space without distracting other people in the office.

Size: 5,2 m2
Power: 220V
Ventilation: 140 l/s
Weight: 840kg
Dimensions: W. 2400 mm  L. 2400 mm  H. 2200 

LOHKO BOX 7 is a large office booth that is perfect as a conference room or a productive coworking space for a bigger team. There’s plenty of room for a table as well as anything else your team needs to work on an important project.

Size: 7,1 m2
Power: 220V
Ventilation: 140 l/s
Weight: 1040kg
Dimensions: W. 2400 mm  L. 3200 mm  H. 2200 

Color Options







Functionality and Minimalistic Design

LOHKO BOX Series is our original product line, that features compact soundproof space solutions. It features product sizes from the classic phone booth up to a 7-person conference room. The high-quality materials from glass and wall elements to acoustic panels are also easy to customize to suit any interiors. LOHKO BOX products guarantee the efficient use of square footage as it combines Scandinavian minimalism, functionality and smart technology.

Furniture and

The LB Antibacterial tables & sofas are designed specially for our LOHKO products. The sofas are very comfortable and well supported, along with a range of upholstery options that can be selected from our standard colors. The frame of the sofa is made from environmentally friendly plywood. Each table is equipped with two power sockets. The table has a highly unique design with the best laminate surface.


Taiga Concept, where feasible, sources materials from suppliers who are FSC compliant. This is based on our Timber Sourcing Policy Statement.
All our materials are regulated by the European Market and comply with the highest regulations available. This is inclusive of low emissions of VOC and formaldehydes. Our products are currently being tested by UL under UL 962, UL 2818 and UL 723. In that way all our surface materials including; plywood, acoustic and upholstery foams are being tested for material safety.


Currently under evaluation for meeting
all UL 962 and Greenguard (UL 2818) requirements.

Fire Safety

Currently under evaluation for meeting all UL 723 requirements.

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