The Taiga product portfolio is designed to create zones where users can enjoy their privacy. The walls, both wood and glass, are specially designed to suppress the sound inside the product.


Taiga Air is a ventilation system, that provides fresh air for Taiga products. System activates itself automatically when someone enters the Booth.

Simple Assembly

Because the product has limited number of parts, Assembly is quick and easy. No drilling, sawing or cutting, everything is ready to assemble.


High quality materials and the design guarantee a comfortable and functional zone for the users. The materials are environmentally friendly and safe to use.

Feel To The Office

Nature has always been an environment of inspiration and relaxation. Nature also has countless positive effects on working efficiency. Taiga Concept products provide a touch of nature, helping to create a better working enviroment. We offer customisable and ecological solutions to the evolving world of creative work.

Upgraded Lohko Phone Booth

The upgraded version of the Lohko Phone Booth features improved ventilation and soundproofing, ergonomic door knob, more options in sockets as well as electrification. The well equipped product guarantees a functional workspace while preserving the touch of nature with high quality materials that are made to last. 

Technical specifications

Size: 1 m2
Power: 220V
Ventilation: 50 l/s
Weight: 320kg
Size: Depth 1100mm x Width 1100mm x Height 2200 mm

Power socket
Spot LED light
Motion decter

Color options
Color chart


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