Our solution is the BabyBooth. BabyBooth affords families the opportunity to enjoy your ser-vices and products longer as feeding and caring for a baby is not an obstacle. When the need arises, a parent can withdraw to your quiet, clean, and comfortable BabyBooth suite.


Send a positive message about your services for families.
Be attractive to more customers. Increase the time spent by families at your place of business. Offer extra service at low cost, as BabyBooth does not require structural changes in order to be installed.

Why parents choose

BabyBooth has clean and healty air due it’s own ventilation system.
BabyBooth uses soundproofing so that noises do not disturb the gentle interaction between parent and baby. Baby Booth has space for accessories, bags, additional children or second adult.

Technical specifications

Size: 2,3 m2
Power: 220V
Ventilation: 30l / sec
Weight: 320kg
Size: Depth 1200mm x Width 2400mm x Height 2200 mm

2 Sofas
Power socket
Spot LED light
Motion decter

Color options
Color chart


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