Product Portfolio 2021

Taiga Concept’s new product portfolio for the year 2021 is out now. This post will introduce both the new features of the LOHKO BOX series as well as the new scalable product family LOHKO FLEX, that allows spaces up to 28m2. The updated product portfolio aims to bring the positive aspects of nature to every space.

Control Panel 

One of the biggest updates to both of our product lines is the control panel. It allows you to optimise your work environment in a smart way. Let the automatic mode do everything for you or adjust according to your preferences.

Adjustable lights enable the user to choose a preferred level of brightness.
Powerful and quiet ventilation system that can be adjusted to your liking.
CO2 sensor will let you know if adjustments are required.

LOHKO FLEX – Smart in Technology and Design

LOHKO FLEX is our new product line that enables large spaces of up to 28 square feet. As the space scales, the smart electrics and the soundproofing systems expand accordingly. With LOHKO FLEX, you can easily divide your open space into smarter and more efficient zones.


Perforated Surfaces

The soundproofing is integrated in the perforated walls that are easy to clean and allow flexible attachment of any office accessories.


No Floor Structure

Without a floor structure, the product is agile, light and easy to assemble.

LOHKO BOX – Functionality and Minimalisticity

LOHKO BOX Series is our original product line, that features compact soundproof space solutions. It features product sizes from the classic phone booth up to a 7-person conference room. The high-quality materials from glass and wall elements to acoustic panels are also easy to customize to suit any interiors. LOHKO BOX products guarantee the efficient use of square footage as it combines Scandinavian minimalism, functionality and smart technology.


Minimalistic Design

Truthful to our design, we have preserved the minimalistic approach while adding multiple new features. The latest technology is not overwhelming but an elegant part of the entirety. Dimmable light, control panel and ventilation are all seamlessly integrated in the workspace.


Easy to Customise

With LOHKO BOX you can create a workspace according to your needs. There are various options for surfaces and furniture. The upholstery is antibacterial as the standard option.

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