Feel Better, Work Better:

Do Your Office Design Ideas Help or Hinder Productivity?

The Office’s Role in Work/Life Balance

The length of the average workday is declining, but employees still spend a huge chunk of their day at work. Being in the same building for eight hours or more each day affects other areas of your life, which in turn can have an impact on health, emotions, and general mood.

At first, the open office plan was believed to be the solution. Employees were complaining about the suffocating nature of cubicles, which eventually led to barrier-free zones. This has since been proven by many studies to be hazardous to productivity.

Now, companies are trying to make up for the inefficiencies of the open office by exploring alternative office design ideas, starting with work-from-home days, better work hours, wellness programs, and improvements to the office layout itself.

Today’s modern office is designed to put less pressure on the employees, which is proving to have a positive effect on work quality and quantity. The office isn’t the soul-sucking place it used to be, but rather a place of inspiration and activity that employees actually want to be a part of.

In turn, the improvements in the office extend to employees’ personal lives. No longer do they feel pressured to cram their work into an eight-hour block because they have more control over their schedule. They can get a bite to eat without leaving the office, work remotely when they’re sick without feeling guilty about calling in, and can clear their mind in the game room or yoga studio to refresh their creativity.

Office Design Ideas that Improve Productivity

Many offices are innovating to improve employee happiness, and therefore, their productivity. Here are a few areas that are worth exploring:

Flexible Workspaces

From co-working spaces to picnic tables to cozy hanging chairs, one of the most inspiring office design ideas is to have a variety of places to work. Many offices have skipped the assigned desks to let employees choose where they work each day. This way, each person can work in a place that suits their style

In-Office Amenities

From game rooms to gardens, offices are in a creativity battle to see who can come up with the best amenities. Either way, employees win by having fun, helpful, and engaging activities and services within arms’ reach at work.

Office Phone Booth

Something as simple as an office phone booth can do wonders for workers. These private booths are soundproof and give employees a way to escape the distractions of the open office, whether it’s to work or to take a phone call.

Reach out today to learn more about adding an office phone booth to your workplace!

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