Sound suppressing Materials

The structures, both wood and glass are specially designed to suppress the sound inside the product. In addition to the elegant design of the veneer wood, it also absorbs sound exceptionally. The double layered glass is likewise specifically made to suppress all noise and the acoustic panels mute the space in the perfect ratio. Precisely engineered ventilation system ensures perfect adjustable air flow without excessive whoosh. Ultimately, the sealing finalises the complete product and prevents all sound leakage. 

Uncompromised Performance 

Not only the fact that every component is individually guaranteed to suppress sound, but above all the perfect combination of them makes Taiga Concepts products remarkable. While making the space as silent as possible, it is also made sure that the ambience preserves a natural feel to it. All of the soundproofing features were created without compromising the unique design, that brings the warmth of nature to your workplace.

Certified results


After perfecting the flawless workspace, the product was tested by a specialised acoustic laboratory. The test was conducted in a realistic office environment and the Lohko Box was normally set up with the air ventilation system on. In the experiment, an outstanding 42db difference in sound level was achieved. Although you can without a doubt experience the Northern Silence in a noisy office by stepping in to one of the booths, Taiga Concept is also happy to tell the customers the effective soundproofing capabilities on numbers. With this, Taiga Concept wants to make sure that the high performance of the product is easily comprehensible also for the client. 

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