Taiga Silence
The essence of the Nordic nature is the endless silence, which has inspired us to develope The Taiga Silence. It consists of several details that together provides the silent experience inside a Booth.


The Taiga product portfolio is designed to create zones where users can enjoy their privacy. The walls, both wood and glass, are specially designed to suppress the sound inside the product. Taiga Products are tested in a acoustic laboratory to ensure the quality.

Acoustic Panels

All Taiga products are equipped with sound-absorbing elements that suppress bouncing sound waves. That makes the product acoustically ideal. Taiga Silence wall panels are removable and may be replaced if necessary. Materials in the panels are designed for professional use and are used for example in the car and boat industry.


High quality materials and the design guarantee a comfortable and functional zone for the users. The materials are environmentally friendly and safe to use.

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