Taiga Air

Taiga Air is a ventilation system, that provides fresh air for Taiga products.
System activates automatically when someone enters the Booth.
Taiga Air has the capacity to produce fresh air for several people during long meetings.
Taiga Air system can be adjusted manually.


Air Flow

The ventilation ducts included in every product are formatted to fit the clean Scandinavian design. They ensure that the air is always fresh. The amount of ventilation in Taiga products increases as the size of the product changes.

Silent power

All Lohko products are equipped with low noise level ventilation that circulates fresh air inside the space. The ventilation level can be adjusted by the user as needed.

Life Expectency
67,000 Hours

Total Airflow
120 CFM

Low Electricity

Low Noise


The Taiga Silence air ducts are designed to suppress sound transmission from one space to another. Air flows freely but the space remains silent.

Taiga Concept

Kellonkärki 12, 70460 KUOPIO FINLAND
Phone: +358 40 621 2555


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